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Zero Waste Canada Tours Canada to Promote Zero Waste

This summer Zero Waste Canada is on a road trip called Bolt Across Canada to raise awareness sustainable lifestyle choices including Zero Waste and zero emissions travel.

Starting on July 1st Buddy Boyd and Barbara Hetherington, two of the directors of the non-profit grassroots organization Zero Waste Canada will be travelling from coast to coast visiting communities and organizations to show that ordinary people can make a difference. Regular people can make lifestyle changes like reducing waste, reusing, composting, driving electric vehicles, or using solar panels that make a difference in creating a more sustainable country.

“As Canada turns 150 and we are thinking of both Canada’s history and the strength and conviction of Canadians who created positive changes in communities across this vast land, we realize that we must muster that inner strength to create positive change for the future. Zero waste strategies for home, work, school, and community will help conserve the beauty and the resources of our country,” Barb Hetherington.

Buddy Boyd explains, “We have chosen to call the tour Bolt Across Canada because we are driving our Chevy Bolt electric car on coast to coast road trip. A road trip made sense because we want to reach regular people in their towns because Zero Waste needs to be a grassroots action. Reducing emissions and reducing waste are actions everyone can do.”

Bolt Across Canada will be starting the road trip on July 1 in Victoria BC. The couple plan to be on the road visiting communities for about two months.

The couple will be living a Zero Waste lifestyle as they travel with Bolt Across Canada to show that it is possible even when on vacation to take Zero Waste actions.

“We will also be collecting and telling the stories of regular Canadians we meet who trying to achieve more sustainable lifestyles. Bolt Across Canada will be blogging about our experiences. We are also making presentations about Zero Waste solutions and the work Zero Waste Canada does to promote Zero Waste” says Buddy Boyd.

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