Toronto Request for Qualifications

For a Small-Scale Research Facility for the Processing of Residual Municipal Solid Waste

The City of Toronto (City) is seeking to qualify public and/or private sector respondents interested in participating in the development and operation of a small-scale research facility (SSRF) for the treatment of residual municipal solid waste. Only qualified respondents will be invited to submit proposals in response to a forthcoming Request for Proposal (RFP) for this project.

The SSRF will process the fraction of municipal waste that is not captured by aggressive diversion programs under development by the City for recyclable materials, household organic materials, leaf and yard waste and durable goods. It is estimated that this residual fraction will represent approximately 40 per cent of the municipal waste generated when waste diversion systems are fully implemented. The SSRF will have the capability to investigate a variety of operations for product recovery, material separation and size reduction and densification. The SSRF will also include a conversion process utilizing
a new and emerging technology.

For the purpose of this Request for Qualification (RFQL), new and emerging technologies includes the following:

Physical processes
Biological processes
Chemical processes
Thermal processes including and limited to pyrolysis, fixed-bed gasification, fluidized bed
gasification, high temperature gasification and plasma gasification where;
1) A synthesis gas is produced; and,
2) Pre-treatment of synthesis gas is undertaken prior to thermal oxidation.

The SSRF will process between 5,000 and 20,000 tonnes of residual municipal solid waste per year. It is expected that the research facility will run for a term of 2 to 5 years. The City will issue the Request for Qualification in January, 2004. Only respondents qualifying at
this stage will be invited to submit a proposal at the RFP stage.

If your firm is interested in receiving a RFQL document, please contact Marni French at:

Forward other questions regarding the RFQL to Brian Van Opstal at:

When the RFQL document is released, you may receive information from the City’s tender web site at After its release, the document will also be available for download at the City’s new and emerging technologies, policies and practices website:

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