Tire recycling project funds in Alberta

In 2000 and 2001, Alberta’s Tire Recycling Management Association (TRMA) provided funds to several communities in the province to showcase recycled scrap tire products in various demonstration projects. These ranged from playgrounds to athletic facilities to other high profile public sites.
In 2005, Alberta will celebrate its Centennial and to commemorate this event, the TRMA has established the Centennial Municipal Demonstration Project with the goal of ensuring that 100 tire recycling projects are in place by 2005, in partnership with municipalities throughout the province.
Successful projects will receive up to $20,000 for the supply and installation of recycled scrap tire products. The application deadline is May 31, 2002. Successful projects will be announced by June 17, 2002.
To review some examples of recycled tire products and uses, as well as information on the selection criteria and process to apply for funding, visit www.trma.com or call 1-888-999-8762.
If you require further information, contact Karen Enzenauer at karen.enzenauer@trma.com