Sign up to recycle your rechargeable batteries and meet Guy Lafleur

On November 20th, the RBRC will be having a celebratory event in Edmonton to recognize those who are involved in its recycling program. Program supporter, Guy Lafleur, will be available to meet participants in the recycling program.

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) offers a recycling program that is free of charge to all communities and public agencies (e.g., police departments; hospitals; municipalities, etc.). For these groups, the RBRC will supply collection containers and manage the shipping and associated recycling costs. Businesses are responsible only for the costs of shipping the used rechargeable batteries to our consolidation facility; the recycling and other associated costs are provided free-of-charge through the RBRC program.

RBRC recycling guides and registration forms for both communities & public agencies (download, as well as businesses ( download,are available to download from our website or can be faxed to you upon request. Existing registrants, as well as those registering prior to November 20, will be personally invited to the Guy Lafleur event, so sign up now!

For further information, you may also contact:

Recycling Council of Alberta
P.O. Box 23
Bluffton, Alberta
T0C 0M0

Phone: 403-843-6563
Fax: 403-843-4156