Recycling Council of Alberta AGM and Bylaws notices

Recycling Council of Alberta will hold its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, October 7th, 2004, 12:15 p.m. at the Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, Alberta.

All current RCA members are welcome to attend.

Notice of Proposed Bylaw Changes

Download the complete document at or let us know if you wish to receive a copy faxed to you.

To the Members of the Recycling Council of Alberta:

The Board of Directors has recommended some changes to the RCA bylaws which are intended to make the bylaws closely represent how the Recycling Council of Alberta will operate in the future, and certain changes will help to better control the operations of the society. Highlights of these changes are

1: Article 1: Definition of who makes up the RCA.

2: Article 3.1: Change the minimum members on the board from 9 to 7. This will streamline the board and make it more efficient.

3: Article 6.5: The duties of the Treasurer have been expanded to better lay out the specific duties of the Treasurer.

4: Article 7.1: The year end was changed from July 31 to March 31 to help the RCA deal with year end auditing deadlines. March 31 better reflects the business cycle of the RCA and it is a better fit with the year end of the major business partners of the RCA.

5: Article 7.3: This is a new section which enables the RCA to set up an Audit Committee to better control the RCAs financial activities.

6: Article 10.4: This was set up to establish the rules for expulsion of a member.

7: Other wording changes were made to clarify the bylaws but not to change the intent of the bylaws.

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