Recyc-Quebec adds two new materials recovery networks

Recyc-Quebec, the provincial materials recovery and recycling agency, has launched two new networks to increase the recovery and recycling rates for textiles and paper or cardboard.

The province recovers more than 900,000 tonnes per year of paper and cardboard, but it’s estimated that mroe than 1.5 million tonnes still end up in landfill. Approximately 37,000 tonnes of textiles are recovered annually, relative to production estimated at just under 10,000 tonnes.

This fall, the new network — which includes representatives from the environment ministry, paper and cardboard producers, building managers, industry associations and retailers — will prepare a status report on textiles recovery and recycling, and will address processing challenges. The main challenges include to ensure high quality material, and to develop and consolidate new markets for the types of materials that are more difficult to recycle.

The main issue associated with disposal of this material is that synthetic textiles (which make up 80 per cent of those destined for disposal) are not biodegradable.

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