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Rainforest Alliance recommends new Domtar papers

Coinciding with the 128th annual "Paper Week," Domtar Inc. -- the third largest paper producer in North A...

Coinciding with the 128th annual "Paper Week," Domtar Inc. — the third largest paper producer in North America and a company that manages millions of acres of forestland – has announced that it will begin offering a new line of socially and environmentally responsible papers known as Domtar EarthChoice. Each paper in the Domtar EarthChoice line has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance’s SmartWood program to meet the strict environmental and social standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The pulp used to produce Domtar EarthChoice papers will be extracted from the Gilmour forest in Ontario and Adirondack Forest in New York, both of which received FSC certification in December, 2001. Most of the papers in the Domtar EarthChoice line will also contain at least some post-consumer recycled content.

There are 13 uncoated and coated papers in the new Domtar EarthChoice line, suitable for a wide range of applications, from book covers, magazines and annual reports, to letterhead and envelopes.

The announcement was made at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York where over 800 representatives from the paper sector gathered to participate in a host of seminars and speaking events that aim to outline current trends and developments in the industry.

Liza Murphy, forest products marketing associate at the Rainforest Alliance said, "By creating a product line that offers so many options, Domtar has taken a huge step forward in making certified papers a mainstream choice. Sending the message that certified papers are widely available in such a concrete way marks the next step in developing a market that enables environmental stewardship while supporting sustainable business practices in one of the most basic of business needs."

The pulp and paper industry is the single largest industrial consumer of forests worldwide. Each year, more than 300 million tons of paper are produced. In the US, which leads the world in paper consumption, each person consumes an average of 730 pounds of paper every year. Globally, over seventy percent of the world’s paper supply is derived from ecologically valuable, biologically diverse forests.

Raymond Royer, president and chief executive officer of Domtar, commented, "The papers in the Domtar EarthChoice line are in harmony with environmental protection and reflect Domtar’s quest to address corporate end-user’s needs for products that are endangered-forest friendly and endorsed by an environmental group."

Domtar was one of the first North American forest products companies to commit to the FSC standard and currently boasts the widest selection of FSC certified papers available. The company plans to submit all 17.6 million acres of the land managed directly by Domtar to FSC assessment by the end of 2006.

Domtar directly and indirectly manages a total of 22 million acres of forestland in Canada and the US, owns 11 paper mills and produces lumber and other wood products in addition to paper. An industry leader in sustainability, Domtar is a founding member of the forest sustainability group Boreal Leadership Council, and the only North American forest products company to be included in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the past six consecutive years.

Tensie Whelan, the executive director of the Rainforest Alliance, said, "Because the manufacture of paper is a leading cause of global deforestation, we applaud companies such as Domtar that are taking the lead and producing environmentally-friendly paper products. We are proud to endorse the forest management practices that enable Domtar to create this line of paper."

The mission of the Rainforest Alliance is to protect ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. Companies, cooperatives and landowners that participate in our programs meet rigorous standards that conserve biodiversity and provide sustainable livelihoods. In more than 50 countries around the world, we are helping businesses, governments and communities change their land-use practices and set standards for the long-term use of resources and the conservation of the planet’s great wealth of biodiversity. The Rainforest Alliance’s SmartWood program was founded in 1989 to certify responsible forestry practices and to date has certified more than 38 million acres worldwide.

To learn more, visit www.rainforest-alliance.org or contact:

Bina Venkataraman, 212-677-1900
Liza Murphy, 212-677-1900
Stephen Kent, 845-758-0097

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