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Plast-Ex 2004 "Theme Days" focus on markets and productivity

A series "Theme Days" will be featured at Plast-Ex 2004, Canada's premier plastics industry trade show to...

A series "Theme Days" will be featured at Plast-Ex 2004, Canada’s premier plastics industry trade show to be held from May 3-6, 2004 at the International Centre in Toronto, Ontario

The "Theme Days" will focus on three important markets for plastics products in Canadapackaging, construction and automotiveand one day will be devoted to productivity and innovation. The Canadian Plastics Industry Association, in co-operation with the Society of Plastics Engineers (Ontario section), are hosting the sessions during Plast-Ex.

"We have planned a series of "Breakfast Meetings" and "Lunch and Learn" sessions that will deliver important market and technical information that will help industry improve their bottom line and remain competitive in this global economy," said CPIA president, Serge Lavoie.

Each day of the show will focus on a different theme. Monday, May 3 will be Automotive Day; Tuesday, May 4 will be Construction Day; Wednesday, May 5 will be Packaging Day; and Thursday, May 6 will be Productivity and Innovation Day.

The "Breakfast Meetings" on each day have been designed to offer a panel discussion focusing on issues and technology pertinent to the respective theme of that day. The "Lunch and Learn" sessions will feature keynote speakers from industry who will be prepared to discuss trends and market conditions that have the potential to impact the growth of plastics in each market area.

"Breakfast Meetings" will be fully sponsored and are being offered free-of-charge. The "Lunch and Learn" sessions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis at a pre-registration cost of $39.99 or $49.99 on-site. Visitors interested in attending these sessions are invited to visit the Plast-Ex 2004 website at: www.plast-ex.org

Plast-Ex 2004 will take center stage at the International Centre in Toronto, Ontario from May 3 to 6, 2004. The show is owned and operated by CPIA, a national industry association representing the interests of raw material suppliers, processors, equipment suppliers, mould makers and plastics industry service groups. The CPIA "Solutions Centre" pavilion is located at Booth #720-1 in Hall 2.

News from some exhibitors at Plast-Ex

The Canadian Plastics Industry Association is pleased to present news from some of the many companies who will be exhibiting at Plast-Ex 2004 at the International Centre from May 3 to 6. Plast-Ex is Canada’s national plastics show, held every three years. With its location in the centre of North America’s plastics industry, close to the Windsor/Detroit automotive hub, Toronto’s Plast-Ex is the plastics show of choice for most of its visitors. More than 75 per cent of Plast-Ex visitors don’t go to any other plastics show. This year, Plast-Ex includes critically important breakfast meetings and Lunch and Learn sessions on the packaging, automotive and construction sectors, with a Feature Day on productivity innovation on May 6.

Plast-Ex is owned and managed by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), a unique and dynamic organization that promotes the prosperity and international competitiveness of the plastics industry. Its strategic and high-profile network is composed of the most vibrant plastics companies in Canada. Through its activities, services and powerful electronic tools, CPIA is playing a key role in building strategic alliances and international partnerships, targeting potential manufacturers and facilitating business needs related to the growth of the plastics industry. CPIA Quebec is dedicated to representing Quebec-based plastics companies.

Canadian Plastics Industry Association
5915 Airport Road, Suite 712, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1T1, Canada
Phone: 905-678-7748, Fax: 905-678-0774, E-mail: national@cpia.ca
Web site: www.cpia.ca
Show Web site: www.plast-ex.org
Contact: Sally Damstra, Director, International Trade & Shows

Exhibitor News

1. Itochu Canada Ltd. has become the Canadian distributor of ASACLEAN purging compounds for thermoplastics injection moulders and extruders. ASACLEAN removes tough deposits and allows for fast, thorough colour and material changes, more effectively and with less waste than purging with virgin resin. ASACLEAN offers purging compounds for most resins within specified temperature ranges.
The latest development is ASACLEAN UP grade, which has been specifically designed for improved cleaning of polypropylene applications. Visitors to the ASACLEAN booth will be able to view product demonstrations and discuss applications with experienced technical sales representatives.

For more information, contact:
Al Wilson, Marketing Manager, Chemical Dept.
Itochu Canada Ltd.
(800) 387-5247

Sharon Keane, National Sales Manager
Asaclean-Sun Plastech Inc.
1140 Parsippany Blvd., Parsippany, N.J. 07054
(800) 787-4348
Booth # 1322

Media contact:
Miyuki Matsumine, Project Manager
Asaclean – Sun Plastech Inc. (Asahi Kasei Chemicals)
TEL: (973) 257-1999 X234
FAX: (973) 257-1011
E-MAIL: mmatsumine@asaclean.com

2. Stavax Supreme is Bohler-Uddeholm’s latest mould steel grade produced by Uddeholm. Perfect for larger plastic moulds that demand high corrosion resistance, and in applications that require very high surface finish, Stavax Supreme is suited for the medical and optics industry, and for the manufacture of such high-quality transparent articles as automotive lens components.
As an ESR remelted tool steel, Stavax Supreme provides a pure material with a minimum of inclusions, allowing for better toughness and a desired surface finish. Although results may vary by application, Stavax Supreme delivers superior hardening, corrosion resistance, polish and resistance.

Contact for publication:
Bohler-Uddeholm North America
4902 Tollview Dr., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
(800) 638-2520
Booth # 505

Media contact:
Sebastian Maior, Marketing Support
847-577-2220 x 419

3. A new pressure filter test head, developed by Dr. Collin of Ebersberg, Germany, measures the dispersion of pigments in polymers. Critical innovations are a cassette system for the filters and a bypass system for the melt stream. Tilting a lever diverts the melt stream and a second lever introduces a fresh test screen, pre-heated to operating temperature, into the melt stream.
This system permits a screen change within 10 seconds, without interrupting the smooth operation of the extruder. Another benefit is its ability to maintain the uniform quality of melt for the duration of the test. This pressure filter test can determine the filter pressure value and evaluate the quality of the master batch.
Collin will exhibit its machinery at Plast-Ex 2004 at the Crowther Machinery booth.

Media contact:
Angela Katterloher, sales assistant

Contact for publication:
Gerald F. Ausweger
49/8092/2096 74
Marc Lemieux
Crowther Machinery Ltd.
Booth # 908, 909, 910

4. Dynamic Metal Treating announces two new improvements to their processes.
The first is a cycle for class A finishes that will dramatically reduce the post-Dynablue polishing, enabling the tools to have a high gloss and still be plus 75 Rockwell. The second improvement is close to double furnace capacity. The old limits were 42" x 120", while the new furnace is 75" x 120". This will enable much larger tools to be Dynablued and have great wear characteristics.

For more information contact:
Nick Greeson, Process Contro
l Manager/ Account Manager
Cell: 734-812-7796
Plant: 734-459-8022
Booth # 709

5. The new DF4000 Deflash unit has been developed by Heins PCM with flexibi
lity and adaptability as top priorities. This machine can be adapted to the specific needs of individual customers. Options include the manual feed of bottles, or inclusion of the unit in the production line, as well as tail remover and scrap conveyor, which is located below the bottles to catch flash and remove it from the machine.
The deflash unit can handle all containers sized from 10 ounces up to one gallon. The small, compact unit is on heavy-duty casters that let it be moved easily among production lines. The main unit frame is of all-steel construction and the safety gate is of highly-durable aluminum with a safety interlocking system.

Media contact:
Mariana Rossi, Marketing Co-ordinator
Heins PCM Machinery Ltd.
905-793-8088 x239

Contact for publication:
Gaston Petrucci, President
Heins PCM Machinery Ltd.
187 Deerhurst Dr., Unit 2
Brampton, ON L6T 5K3
Booth # 1604

6. Northbridge Consultants is a new exhibitor at Plast-Ex. The service they offer is technical and financial expertise in the preparation of scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) claims sponsored by the federal government of Canada and administered by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.
The SR&ED program is designed to encourage research and development in Canada. Companies that qualify get money back as an income tax refund, an investment tax credit, or a combination of refund and credit.
Northbridge Consultants can identify qualified research and development projects, draft technical descriptions of qualified projects, prepare financial statements, and assist in the review process.

For more information, contact:
Gerry Lyons, Account Manager
Northbridge Consultants
Booth # 322

Novasystem Machinery Inc. will be exhibiting improvements in the following products at Plast-Ex: a high-performance air ring, manual screen changers and a monolayer die for blown film lines. The air ring provides high output and optimum gauge variation. The manual screen changer has a record of proven successful performance. The monolayer die can include custom-made winders to fit precise requirements or limited budgets.

For more information, contact:
Angelo D’Amico, president
Hector Chirinos, sales manager
Claudia Cipriano, controller
Novasystem Machinery Inc.
1885 Sismet Rd., Unit 3
Mississauga, ON L4W 1W8
Booth # 1731

7. Plastex Plastic Repair products can reproduce plastic parts within 20 minutes. Plastex will repair any plastic, including polyethylene and polypropylene, in all applications, including automotive, aviation, electrical, hobbies, plumbing and motorcycles. Plastex was developed in order to repair motorcycles damaged in races, quickly enough to return them to the race.
Plastex will even work with metal and wood. The re-usable moulding bar in every Plastex kit can reproduce texture and produce seamless repairs that are as strong or even stronger than the original.

For more information, contact:
Ed Kozlowski

Shane Hitchcock
Plastex Canada
21 Pullman Court
Toronto, ON M1X 1E4
Booth # 129

8. Precision Rolls Inc. unveils new Super Finishing capabilities as part of their plant expansion, scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2004. Designed and built in-house, the new machine will remove the most subtle grind lines and chatter, offering an exceptional roll finish.
Capabilities and size range have been increased to serve the plastics industry. Specifically, Precision Rolls can accommodate rolls up to 60 inches in diameter and lengths of 30 feet, and offers lifting capacity up to 50 tons.

Contact for publication:
Precision Rolls Inc.
649 South Service Rd.
Grimsby, ON L3M 4H8
Booth # 1531

Media contact:
Jack Tryburski, Director of Sales and Marketing

9. Profine Molds Inc. has patents pending for two new mould technologies. The In-Mold Closing Mechanism can close any type of flip-top cap inside the mould, picking up the lid in any open position and snapping it to the closed position. The pneumatic system, hydraulic system and electrical motor are the main driving sources for this mechanism. This invention eliminates the need for additional equipment and labour to close foldable plastic parts. Production costs are decreased because of reduced additional equipment, manual labour, extra maintenance, production space, and less wasted time.
The second invention, Auto Protection Safety on a Compact Slide, is a safety mechanism that prevents potential damage to the mould tool in injection moulding machines. By reducing down time, this mechanism significantly decreases production costs.

Contact for publication:
Profine Molds Inc.
Booth # 1842, 1844

Media contact:
Irene S. Faria, Vice-President
905-795-8856 x 27

10. RoMark Technologies can offer a complete turnkey extrusion line, and to demonstrate this, their exhibit at Plast-Ex will feature a static profile or tube extrusion line including all components from the feeding system to the cutter. The line will include a Colortronic SmartHopper blender, American Kuhne extruder, GENCA crosshead, RDN vacuum sizing tank and cutter/puller, BETA LaserMike profile control and ultrasonic wall thickness system and a Laser Speed non-contact length/speed measurement system. At the end of the line will be a Niehoff/Endex braider.

For information, contact:
Lawrence Rosen
RoMark Technologies Corporation
Booth # 318, 319

11. TechServ Inc. has developed a PC-based control system specific to injection moulding systems including blow and RIM processes. This state-of-the-art controller can be retrofitted on any system, old or new and, along with TechServ Hydraulic and mechanical upgrade packages, TechServ can make an old unreliable system better than new.
At Plast-Ex, TechServ will be showing a refurbished, 1964 75-ton Van Dorn IMM complete with PC-based control and proportional hydraulic upgrades.

For more information, contact:
Eric Dumitru, General Manager
TechServ Inc.
326 Deerhurst Dr., Unit 1
Brampton, ON L6T 5H9
Booth # 1848, 1850

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