Peel receives funds to process fuel

On September 6, 2002, the Region of Peel in Ontario announced that it will be taking steps to strengthen waste management practices thanks to funding of $100,000 from the Green Municipal Funds (GMF) for a study to investigate an innovative approach to divert solid waste and biosolids from landfills. The process, which combines stabilate (dried waste free of recyclables and organics) with dried sewage sludge produces a waste derived fuel as its end product. A drying technology, developed by HYGREX Industries of Bolton, Ontario, will be in place and operational by the fall. (For more information about Peel Region, see the Diversion feature in the October/November 2002 edition.)

The Government of Canada has endowed $250-million to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) to establish and manage the GMF. The funds began operating in 2000 to stimulate environmental projects launched by municipal governments and their partners to cut pollution, reduce greenhouse gases and improve municipal services. The funds leverage larger amounts for studies and projects through contributions by municipalities and private-sector partnerships.

To find out how to apply for funds, visit the FCM web site