Organics waste pilots in TO achieve high diversion rates

Toronto public works officials are so pleased with the results of pilot programs in Scarborough this summer and Etobicoke last year that they will roll out organic waste recycling programs to rest of the city next year. The waist-high "green bins" are used to collect everything from organic kitchen waste to dirty diapers.

According to Richard Butts, the city’s director of solid-waste management, organic recycling through weekly collection from 185,000 residences in the two areas has already reduced the number of truckloads of waste Toronto will have to send to Michigan this year by 1,400. There has been more than 90 per cent participation but there is still a "yuck" factor regarding the smell and pests (i.e., maggots, etc.).

Each household participating in the program received both a larger curbside green bin and a smaller indoor kitchen bin, along with an information package prior to start-up.

For further information, call 416-338-2010