Ontario waste minimization award nomination deadline approaching

The Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) will present the 2002 Ontario Waste Minimization Awards on October 23, 2003 at the Renaissance Convention Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. The Awards are held as part of the Waste Reduction Week celebrations in Canada, scheduled for October 20 26, 2003.

All nominations and supporting data must be received or post-marked by Canada Post on or before Tuesday, September, 2, 2003 – 4:00 pm

Copies of the submission and supporting documentation must be sent to:

RCO 2002 Awards Committee
Recycling Council of Ontario
P.O. Box 250, Station A
Toronto, ON M5 1B2

Based on the changes to this year’s Awards program timing and date, the RCO will accept submissions for all activities that took place from January 2002 to September 2003. This is not the case for the Muncipal Award category which should make the calculations from January 2002 to December 2002.

Waste Reduction Week in Canada is intended to raise public consciousness about waste and its environmental and social ramifications. Waste Reduction Week’s theme — "Too Good to Waste" — is about conveying an appreciation for the richness and beauty of the diverse earth and how to protect the environment by conserving resources and curbing wasteful practices.

For further information, contact Tracy Sakamoto at tracy@rco.on.ca or 416-657-2797 ext. 4