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Ontario used tire plan delivered to WDO

Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) delivered its used tire diversion plan to Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) on December...

Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) delivered its used tire diversion plan to Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) on December 17, 2003, following many months of industry, municipal and stakeholder consultations. The report details plans to clean-up existing tire stockpiles, eliminate illegal dumping of discarded tires and promote reduction, re-use and recycling of tires in Ontario.

According to Glenn Maidment, chair of OTS, Ontario has not had a managed scrap tire program for more than a decade and this will be its first industry-run program, so the expectations are high. Mr. Maidment says the OTS proposes a model which is similar to other successful provincial scrap tire programs, but addresses specific concerns unique to Ontario.

The OTS model also lists the various potential uses for rubber crumb from scrap tires, including: sports surfacing, rubberized asphalt, civil engineering applications, and new molded products for the automotive industry.

In March 2003, the Minister of Environment requested WDO (the not-for-profit organization responsible for overseeing waste diversion programs in the province) to begin steps to create a used tire diversion program for Ontario, including a plan to eliminate existing tire stockpiles, by January 30, 2004.

OTS, composed of representatives from tire manufacturers, tire retailers and their respective associations, consulted with affected industry groups including processors, haulers, municipalities, the environmental community and others. In addition, the group conducted a review of other scrap tire diversion programs around the world.

The plan can be viewed or downloaded from the OTS website at www.ontariotirestewardship.ca

For further information, contact Bill Pardu, executive director, Ontario Tire Stewardship at 905-814-1714 or bpardu@ontariotirestewardship.ca

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