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Edmonton City Hall staff composting at work

Edmonton City Hall is a little greener thanks to the composting efforts of employees and councillors.Approxi...

Edmonton City Hall is a little greener thanks to the composting efforts of employees and councillors.

Approximately 13 compost pails have been set up in lunchrooms around City Hall where staff can place discarded food, tea bags and coffee grounds in.

The compost produced – made with the help of worms that break down the food – is added to plants and flowerbeds in and around City Hall.

“Most people think of composting as something you do at home. But you can do it at work too,” says Mark Stumpf-Allen, compost programs coordinator with the City’s Waste Management Branch. “The benefits are the same – richer soil and less waste. Everyone at City Hall is to be commended for the leadership they’ve demonstrated in taking this on.”

The composting program at City Hall began in October 2009.

Ashley Casovan, who works in the City’s Communications Branch, came up with the idea to compost at City Hall.

“We composted where I used to work at the Telus World of Science,” says Casovan. “So I thought why not at City Hall where we are committed to making Edmonton a greener place and where there are people who have tons of expertise in composting.”

A giant two-foot high plastic compost bin filled with a mixture of newspaper, brown leaves and worms is set up in the City Hall parkade.

“Edmonton is recognized as a leader on the environment,” says Councillor Don Iveson. “This program is an important way for the City – and its staff – to show their commitment to the environment and to inspire other Edmontonians who would also like to make a difference.”

A group of grade three students from Minchau Elementary School in Mill Woods joined the city’s horticultural staff in harvesting the first batch of compost and adding it to a flowerbed in front of City Hall on May 13, 2010.

Compost is an excellent soil conditioner for plants, gardens and lawns.

The City of Edmonton’s Waste Management Branch offers workshops and education programs for people interested in learning more about composting.

For more information, contact Carol Hurst at 780-496-8266.

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