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Editor investigates waste management systems in The Netherlands

As part of an ongoing effort to bring Solid Waste & Recycling readers the best information about the most innovativ...

As part of an ongoing effort to bring Solid Waste & Recycling readers the best information about the most innovative waste management and recycling systems and technologies available, Editor Connie Vitello recently toured leading state of the art facilities and met with senior environmental and waste management representatives in The Hague, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam.

The various Dutch representatives included:

Ministry of Housing, Spatial Affairs and Environment provided information about the overall framework and industry-government “covenants” (more than 20 such public-private agreements).

www.minvrom.nl (most Dutch web sites have English language options)

Canadian Embassy provided information on Canadian companies and technologies in use in the country, including Trojan Technologies, as well as Dutch trade rules and regulations.


Dutch Foundation Disposal Metalectro Products discussed Dutch take-back legislation for electronic products (white goods and brown goods), and the new industry-funded computer collection depots across the country (the Dutch initiated this system before the proposed EU Directives are enforcing similar legislation).


AVR (leading waste processing plant) and co-workers provided an extensive tour of a multi-purpose euro $300-million facility: composting facility (produces Grade A and B compost), recycling facility, incinerator (processes 1,000 tonnes waste/day with doxin emissions to below 0.005, and produces energy for 10,000 homes); and, the pulp sludge operations, which converts the material into cement.


MIREC, which recovers, recycles, and refurbishes computers and telecom equipment (major clients include Philips and Dell), provided a tour of the facility and recent information about CRTs safe handling and reuse and the history of computer take-back initiatives in the Netherlands.


Bakker Magnetics, provider of separation systems for waste processing and recycling industries, presented an overview of various industrial magnetic products.


Dutch Waste Processing Association provided information and overview about residential waste management system:
— landfill ban in effect on all residential waste
— organics recycling programs across the country
— plastic PET bottle deposit-refund program at participating retail outlets
— energy-from-waste — virtually all waste that can’t be recycled or composted is incinerated
— glass recycling in bins located on most main street corners
— green bins for organics waste, grey bags for other waste


Auto Recycling Nederland (ARN) provided an extensive presentation on the national auto recycling system, infrastructure, costs, and legislation (highest recovery rate in the world).


Information relevant to SWR’s readership will appear in future editions of the magazine. See the October/November edition for a feature about IT equipment recycling.

For additional information, contact Connie Vitello at 416-442-2292 or cvitello@solidwastemag.com

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