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Conference highlights recycled polyurethane

New research into the uses of recycled polyurethane will be presented at the Polyurethanes 2005 Technical Conferenc...

New research into the uses of recycled polyurethane will be presented at the Polyurethanes 2005 Technical Conference & Trade Fair, sponsored by the Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry (API), October 17-19 in Houston, Texas. A session devoted to recycling will cover the most recent issues and innovations in the recycling arena, such as using polyurethane in waste-to-energy combustion and new research on life cycle inventory for polyurethane end-use applications.

"The polyurethanes industry is dedicated to pursuing commercially viable technologies to recycle and re-use materials," says Dick Mericle, executive director of the API. "Exciting research and work are being done to identify new ways in which our industry can continue to promote manufacturing processes and the recyclability of post-consumer scrap."

This year’s recycling session will feature two papers detailing waste-to-energy research that has been done to test polyurethanes in different forms as a fuel source. Polyurethanes have a recoverable energy value comparable to coal and less than fuel oil. One of the presentations also will cover one way to prepare and transport the material. In addition, a representative of Troy Polymers will discuss how glycolysis products, prepared from polyurethane foams recovered from shredder residue, are utilized in the preparation of high-density structural polyurethane foams, low-density polyurethane, and polyisocyanurate foams.

The Polyurethanes 2005 Conference & Trade Fair offers more than 80 technical papers on a wide variety of topics, including: appliance applications; automotive interior trim and structural RIM applications; blowing agents; coatings, sealants and adhesives; combustibility issues; construction; elastomers and TPU; environmental, health and safety issues; footwear; furnishings; fundamentals; processing innovations; recycling; and regulatory updates.

For more information about API and the Polyurethanes 2005 Technical Conference & Trade Fair, contact API at 703-741-5656, or visit the API web site at www.polyurethane.org

API promotes the sustainable growth of the polyurethane industry, in accordance with the principles of Responsible Care, by identifying and managing issues that could impact the industry, in cooperation with user groups. Its 64 members are U.S. producers or distributors of chemicals and equipment used to make polyurethane or are manufacturers of polyurethane products.

API is a business unit of The American Plastics Council (APC). APC advocates unlimited opportunities for plastics and promotes their economic, environmental and societal benefits. Plastics: A World of Unlimited Opportunities. Plastics Make It Possible

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