Co-collection trial in Ottawa

In a search for improved efficiencies the City of Ottawa’s Solid Waste Services Division will conduct a co-collection trial from September to November 2002. Markland of Aylmer, Quebec developed a special truck with a floating partition that will be used during the pilot. The floating wall technology allows either side of the partition to function simultaneously.

The following streams will be co-collected: garbage and blue box materials; garbage and black box materials; and finally, garbage and organics. In Ottawa, blue box materials include all containers (cans, bottles, and cartons) whereas black boxes are all fiber materials. These two streams of materials are collected on an alternate basis.

Municipal staff will operate the truck, which will be fully monitored with the latest electronic equipment.

The two processing MRFs are well situated for this pilot but a temporary composting transfer station has been arranged.

For more information or for results of the pilot, contact Rob Sinclair at 613-580-2424 ext. 22643 or visit