Cell phone recycling program calls for help to meet target

The Charitable Recycling Program of PhoneBack Canada was Officially launched during Environment Week in June 2003. In the few months since the official launch, the program has attracted the attention of hundreds of collection partners from coast to coast. The program target is to recover 25,000 phones each month by year-end.

The Charitable Recycling Program of Canada encourages the collection of used cell phones and provides a monetary contribution to charities and community groups for each one recovered. The organization is committed to: participating in fundraising for charities, special interest and community groups; providing communications to those who need it; and,environmental preservation by keeping old phones and batteries (which contain hazardous materials)out of landfills. In addition, the phones and batteries that cannot be reused are recycled for material recovery in accordance with best environmental guidelines.

Obsolete cell phones can be mailed, using a label available on the program’s website (www.charityrecycling.ca) and the donation is directed to the listed “alliance partner” which has been selected to receive the funds. The program also supplies pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping labels and counter boxes or collection bins for large quantity drop-off or special event collections.

For further information, contact Wendy Weis at 905-830-9607 or wweis@twsmail1.com