Canada's brewers launch "pro-refillable" ad campaign

Canada’s brewers are celebrating over 80 years of environmental protection by reminding Canadians to take care of their most valuable player in achieving the Kyoto goal, the industry standard refillable beer bottle (ISB), through an advertisement titled “Quite possibly the most environmentally friendly container on earth.”

“With a return rate averaging 97 per cent across the country, our bottle is not only environmentally friendly, it is Kyoto friendly,” said Howard Collins, president of the Brewers of Canada.

“With nearly 4 billion beer bottles returned each year, the ISB diverts over one million tonnes of waste from Canadian landfills annually, saving millions for municipal taxpayers across the country while at the same time reducing over 187,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. This is a tremendous contribution from our industry in helping Canada achieve its Kyoto goals,” added Collins.

“The Canadian beer industry’s commitment to recycling is good for the environment and is a good example for other industries,” said Ontario Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky.

The recovery of refillable beer bottles, other non-refillable beer containers and all associated beer packaging leads to the diversion of 1.3 million tonnes of beer packaging from Canadian landfills each year. This makes Canada’s brewers the largest single private self-financing and self-contained waste diversion effort in Canada, say the brewers.

“The Canadian brewing industry’s deposit-refund system and use of refillable containers is a model system for North America,” said Patricia Franklin from the Container Recycling Institute in Arlington, Virginia.

“Canada’s brewers have continued to use the voluntary deposit system, long ago dismantled by America’s beer and soft drink industries that is now causing huge problems on our landfills.”

The Brewers of Canada is encouraging Ontario residents to look for ads featuring quite possibly the most environmentally friendly container on earth, and remind them that if they find a container without a home, to take it to nearest Beer Store outlet so it can complete its mission.

Established in 1943, the Brewers of Canada is a voluntary association of 16 brewers from coast to coast that represents 97 percent of the beer brewed in Canada. The Brewers of Canada works with its members, governments, stakeholders and the public to progressively improve the marketplace for beer while, encouraging the responsible use of beer and the protection of our environment.


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