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SCS Engineers to Explore Franchising Commercial Waste Collection Options with the City of Glendal

GLENDALE, CA – The City of Glendale, California (City) selected SCS Engineers to assist the City’s Public Works Department in evaluating options for franchising commercial waste collection. The legal, logistical, operational, and economic complexities of considering the potential changes incentivized the City Council to authorize the retention of an expert consultant to support the City through the process.

SCS Engineers, selected based on the firm’s expertise in the solid waste industry, will use their methodology to address all aspects and the concerns of Glendale’s stakeholders and business community associated with this program.

“We will provide expertise to the City that is necessary to determine the best options and performance projections, while identifying any potential inefficiencies to avoid,” said Michelle Leonard, a vice president with SCS Engineers and project manager. “Our objective to a successful relationship with the City is always to remain easily accessible, acting as an extension of the project team.”

Using the SCS methodology, the first phase of the project identifies potential franchise options including using financial, regulatory, and community analyses that determine the practical alternatives for consideration. The findings and recommendations are documented and provided to the City to support the decision process.

Based on the City’s chosen course of action, the second phase focuses on preparing an environmental analysis identifying the elements which can affect program performance. The analysis entails assessing the challenges and opportunities specific to the City’s operations, businesses, and stakeholders. Other strategic work includes a franchise RFP and community outreach materials for education. Other responsibilities could include analyzing and evaluating proposals, recommending a preferred vendor(s), and participating in the negotiations with the selected vendor(s). SCS Engineers will follow up implementation by performing specified compliance audits and reports for a year, safeguarding program success.

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SCS Engineers offers sustainable environmental solutions to agencies and businesses with environmental and economic challenges. SCS provides these services to private and public sector clients through a network of nationwide offices. For more information about SCS, please visit our website at www.scsengineers.com, or contact us at service@scsengineers.com.


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