Cruise operator adds onboard digesters to fleet

BioHiTech Global, Inc. has received orders for Revolution Series food digesters totalling over US$1.8 million to cover fifteen Carnival Corporation ships, including the first two ships from the United Kingdom-based Cunard Cruises and four from Italy-based Costa Group for their Costa Cruise Line.

BioHiTech anticipates fulfilling these orders during the second and third quarters of 2021.

“We have been working swiftly and efficiently to fulfill our orders with Carnival. These orders expand our worldwide reach and continues to support Carnival’s commitment to sustainable food waste management and environmental compliance,” commented Tony Fuller, BioHiTech’s Chief Executive Officer. 

“Including the most recent purchase orders, BioHiTech has received more than $8.4M in purchase orders from Carnival and we anticipate a continued rollout of our onboard bio-digester and analytics solution to the remaining ships under the Carnival umbrella.”

The Revolution Series digesters, equipped with BioHiTech’s proprietary data analytics platform provide valuable data, including the weight and volume of food waste digested, the net food waste reduced and the amount of CO2 reduced.

In September 2020 the company received US$400,000 in new food waste digester purchase orders for its Revolution Series Digesters from Carnival.

Those orders were in addition to the $1 million in purchase orders received by the company in July 2020 and are part of the previously announced purchase contract between the two companies with an estimated value of up to $14 million.

BioHiTech Global, Inc. creats technologies for waste management, including the patented processing of municipal solid waste into a valuable renewable fuel, biological disposal of food waste on-site, and proprietary real-time data analytics tools to reduce food waste generation.