BACE receives patent for compactor weighing system

BACE’s patented technology helps ensure that compactors are emptied only when necessary.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Recycling and waste management equipment manufacturer BACE, LLC, has received a U.S. patent granting it exclusive rights as the inventor of the “Waste Container with Weight-Measurement System”.

The patent protects the company’s weight-based technology for compactors.

The company’s software, the IntelliBACE Platform, ensures that a compactor leaves full and at the appropriate weight by automatically notifying haulers when the compactor is ready for pickup, reducing unnecessary tip and hauling fees.

According to the company’s CEO, Frederick Waite, low prices for old corrugated containers (OCC) forces customers to maximize OCC revenue.

“Our Ecosystem integrates data from balers and compactors to deliver the business information necessary to implement waste and recycling programs that eliminate OCC from being thrown into the compactor, resulting in increased OCC revenue and decreased waste expenses,” Waite said.

“BACE’s product design, which enables these game-changing technologies, is highlighted by the USPTO’s decision to grant patent protection.”