Waste & Recycling

  • Metro Vancouver incinerator economics rely on inflated energy prices

    April 29, 2014 by Guy Crittenden

    NOTE: This article was edited on April 30 to correct a typo in which the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) was spelled as GVRD or “Greater Vancouver Regional District” which is the old name for what is now Metro Vancouver. We

  • Mr. Bradley and Premier Wynne – On Bill 91, go back and start again*

    November 3, 2013 by David S. McRobert

    (Note: A Summary of Opposition Comments on Bill 91 as of October 3, 2013 follows this blog post.) In early June 2013, the Honourable Jim Bradley, Ontario Minister of the Environment tabled Bill 91, the proposed Waste Reduction Act. Despite

  • A critique of the Intermediaries provisions in Ontario's draft waste reduction bill

    August 22, 2013 by Usman Valiante

    Collective producer action for extended producer responsibility (EPR) is a hot topic in Ontario. This article focuses on the Intermediary provisions of Bill 91, which are redundant and should be eliminated. Ontario’s Environment Minister Jim Bradley has stated that the Industry

  • The cancer prevention diet: Update

    September 10, 2012 by Guy Crittenden

    Some time ago I wrote a series of online blog columns about dietary changes I was researching (and implementing) for myself based on the idea that I’d like to lower my chances of getting cancer and perhaps prevent it, and

  • Once upon a time in a faraway land

    April 16, 2012 by Guy Crittenden

    Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a kingdom where the farmers sprayed poison on the food and sold it to the people, who in turn fed it to their children. The children would grow up and

  • Programmed to be fat, toxins in the womb

    December 18, 2011 by Guy Crittenden

    This week I wish to draw reader attention to two areas that deserve further investigation, by society generally and by each of us as individuals concerned about our own health and that of our families. The first is out exposure

  • Obama and climate change

    May 18, 2009 by Guy Crittenden

    Readers should enjoy this article that offers some straight talk about the new US Administration and climate change. COMMENTARY May 2009 US Democrats backing away from cap and trade By Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd, Columnist Troy Media Corporation US President Barack

  • A tale of two conferences: Watch out!

    May 12, 2006 by Guy Crittenden

    Just a quick entry today to update readers about a couple of things. On Wednesday morning Brian van Opstal gave me a tour of the Dufferin organics plant in the northwest corner of Toronto. It was very interesting and I’ll

  • Musings on the Devil's Playground and more

    May 10, 2006 by Guy Crittenden

    Today I’m touring the Dufferin organics composting plant in the northwest end of Toronto with the city’s Brian van Opstal. I hope to write about the plant in the forthcoming June/July edition of the magazine, or potentially in the special

  • Deep thoughts for the end of the year

    December 29, 2005 by Guy Crittenden

    With the New Year, journalists traditionally focus (naturally) on reviewing the past year and looking forward to the year ahead. I don’t want to review the past year or make predictions — at least not today. What I’d like to