Waste & Recycling

  • Ontario Bill 91 Waste Reduction Act and the role of recyclers

    July 29, 2013 by Usman Valiante

    By stimulating innovation, strict environmental regulations can actually enhance competitiveness. Toward a New Conception of the Environment-Competitiveness Relationship Michael E. Porter and Claas van der Linde The Waste Reduction Strategy –- the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s marketing document that

  • The Long Arm of American Justice

    October 1, 1999 by Adam Chamberlain, LL.B.

    The import of American hazardous waste to Canadian landfills has recently received media attention, but anyone even remotely involved in waste management knows that the converse is true; a great deal …

  • Wood Pallet Reuse & Recycling

    October 1, 1999 by Clarissa Morawski

    The greatest contribution to packaging diversion in Canada is wood pallet reuse and recycling. In fact, without this new industry, the early success of the National Packaging Protocol (NaPP) — 51 per…

  • Reader Response/Advertiser Index

    October 1, 1999 by Waste & Recycling

    October/November/99CompanyPage ReaderCompanyPage ReaderResponse #Response #All Treat Farms40129oAmbaco Recycling34120oB.J. Bear Grain Co. Ltd.46137oBattery Broker Environmental Ser…

  • Composting Grows Stronger

    June 1, 1999 by Susan Antler

    The Canadian composting industry continues to grow stronger. More than ever before, organic materials are treated as a resource rather than as a waste. Residential backyard composting programs continu…