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Edmonton Blue Bin 'blues'

Recycling Blue Bins around Edmonton are feeling a little lonely and misunderstood. They've started to sing the...

Recycling Blue Bins around Edmonton are feeling a little lonely and misunderstood. They’ve started to sing the blues to remind people to recycle more and to recycle the right stuff.

The city’s Waste Management Branch is giving the Blue Bin a voice as part of a new recycling campaign targeted at apartment and condominium dwellers.

Unacceptable materials in blue bins damage processing equipment and pose a safety hazard to employees at the recycling facility. Some of the common unacceptable materials found in blue bins include food waste, furniture, tires, fabric, bike chains and garden hoses.

“Edmonton is known as a world leader in recycling,” says Councillor Jane Batty. “Our success is built on Edmontonians’ dedication to the environment, and this education program serves to remind residents of the importance of recycling and how to do it right.”

Blue Bin appreciates the chance to reach out.

“I get a little down when I see people visiting my pal garbage bin with stuff meant for me,” says Blue Bin. “It’s the same when people give me just any old trash. I got a case of the blue bin blues.”

The education program includes motion-sensor sound devices mounted in 400 blue bins throughout the city. Blue Bins started crooning their recycling tunes in late May 2010.

“The Bin Blues campaign is a fun way to remind people of the importance of recycling, and of recycling the right materials,” says Connie Boyce, director of community relations for the Waste Management Branch. “The objective is to reduce the number of plant shutdowns that are caused by unacceptable material and to prevent injury to workers.”

A list of acceptable material is on the City of Edmonton’s website at www.edmonton.ca/waste.

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  1. David Schlievert says:

    Councillor Jane Batty.

    Keep up the pressure, I’m certain they being us will someday listen or learn a hard lesson.

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