Tracking for waste collection

Sensoneo, a global provider of smart waste management solutions, has introduced a system to manage and resolve some of the biggest waste-related challenges – a lack of efficiency and transparency.

Called WatchDog, the solution can automatically track and record all actions made during the waste collection process without the need for manual handling. WatchDog includes everything in a single device for data accuracy, correct GPS tracking, and to secure data backup.

Over the past few months, the solution has been successfully tested in operation at customer locations in two different climate zones and is now ready to be deployed anywhere in the world to ease digitization of the waste collection industry.

WatchDog enables haulers to collect waste the same way they currently do while receiving automatic records of all actions made during the waste collection process. Using WatchDog, customers can automatically identify bins and bags authorized for waste collection, automatically verify pick-up, update bin inventory, identify fraud, accurately record all the routes made and safely store the data, even in the case of sudden vehicle shutdown.

A truck equipped with the Watchdog tracking technologies. Installation takes just an hour.

The solution consists of a main unit, which is placed on top of the vehicle, four adjustable ultra-high frequency short-and-long-range RFID antennas, and RFID tags or stickers that are placed on waste bins or bags. The adjustable UHF RFID multi-antenna system allows multiple bin or bag pick-up recognition and fraud prevention. The frequency used ensures that long-range antennas can easily identify bins and bags eligible for collection/pick-up within a range of five to seven metres; the short-range antennas provide the automatic verification of pick-up. Positions of the antennas can be easily adjusted according to customers’ needs.

The system also supports the connection of multiple devices such as dynamic weighing systems, driver identification, navigation connected with Watchdog GPS, CANbus connectivity for vehicle telemetry or waste extension, industrial buttons to report fill levels of bins while pick up is performed, buzzer and light to create signals or alerts to staff on unauthorized collection.

Install on any type of vehicle

WatchDog can be installed in any type of vehicle, not just standard waste collection trucks, and the installation takes about one hour. By adjusting the position of the antennas, customers can set the range in which they wish to identify the authorized bins/bags and verify the collection service, so the solution can be customized to meet their specific criteria.

The Multi-satellite GNSS system (GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) and Three‑Dimensional Automotive Dead Reckoning (3D ADR) technology ensure that WatchDog always tracks the correct vehicle position, even when driving through high-rise building areas or tunnels. WatchDog guarantees GPS accuracy to 2,5 meters CEP. According to test operations, GPS accuracy varies between 1-2 meters.

Service verification is fully automatic, so customers can 100% rely on the accuracy of the data and the crew does not need to bother with manual handling, which often complicates, prolongs and increases the cost of the collection process.

The uninterruptible power supply ensures the data are safely stored; even in the case of a sudden break down of the vehicle. Watchdog is resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and it can easily handle high-humidity locations.

All data gathered via WatchDog are immediately recorded in Sensoneo’s platforms for Asset Management to automatically update the inventory data, Fleet Management and Route Planning. The system automatically records the ID of the bin/bag, date, time and the GPS position of the pick-up.

WatchDog provides alerts for the misplacement of any asset (and provides the option to update its new GPS position in the inventory system) and notifies about the collection of unauthorized bins (missing appropriate tags or showing as unpaid in the system).

Routing details

WatchDog also records all the routes made, including the details related to time, cost, length and driving patterns. The Fleet Management platform offers easy-to-use daily management of vehicles and routes. Operators are given a detailed and complete overview of all the operations made in the field and in the depot including progress status and cost, as well as the ability to update the ongoing routes and locate the trucks on the map in real-time. The tool also includes the Garage Dashboard, Incident reports, and detailed statistics including driving patterns.

The Route Planning platform automatically creates optimal collection routes based on defined criteria and ensures the waste is collected via the shortest and safest routes, according to specific criteria such as the shortest routes possible; quality of service or maximized utilization of vehicles.

WatchDog also brings haulers significant business opportunities. The easy identification of unauthorized bins and automatic inventory updates allows operators to stop collecting unpaid trash and prevent fraud. Both municipal and commercial customers can benefit from easy to run Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) models, powered by the automatic service verification. PAYT models are available for curbside collection of both bins and bags.