Rotary atomizers for odor and dust control

Micron Sprayers Ltd has been designing rotary atomizers for agriculture, forestry, public and animal health spray applications fore more than 60 years.

Micron rotary atomizers produce precisely controlled droplet sizes which can be selected according to spray application requirements while offering low maintenance and energy requirements.

Now Micron brings their expertise to odor and dust control with the development of new designs using brushless motor technology for prolonged and maintenance free operation.

Two models are available, a larger direct drive unit with flow capacities of up to 180 litres per hour and the more compact Micromiser unit which can provide spray rates of up to 18 litres per hour. Each atomizer produces a fine mist of droplets ideal for incorporation into custom dust and odor control equipment, including mobile spray cannons or fixed air circulator installations.

Micron’s centrifugal energy atomizers do not require high liquid pressures or small orifices resulting in less risk of blockages as well as eliminating nozzle wear and any associated degradation of spray quality. The precise control of droplet size avoids fall out of spray and wet patches maximizing efficiency with minimal water volumes.

This is particularly useful for mobile applications, offering up to a full day of operation without requiring refilling of the liquid tank.