Recycled plastic shower pans

Every shower pan uses 450 PET bottles.

DENVER – More than 19 million plastic bottles have been repurposed into thousands of pre-sloped and tile-ready shower pan systems since 2015 by QuickDrain USA. Made of extruded rigid PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic foam, the shower pans and panels are constructed from 100 percent post-consumer plastic water bottles.

According to the company, for every QuickDrain shower pan system installed, 450 plastic bottles are diverted from landfills. Unlike conventional, pitched mud beds constructed over two-days, contractors using the company’s PET shower panels and waterproofing system can complete a shower modernization job in less than a day.

“Social and environmental responsibility goes beyond recycled plastic,” says QuickDrain USA general manager Chris Oatey.

“Our company’s sustainability principles are illustrated in products like Oatey’s lead-free solder and our LEED-certified distribution and customer support centers. Both facilities are designed to reduce natural resource consumption and minimize strain on local infrastructure.”

The QuickDrain PET shower pan system, with its recycled components, may make an installation eligible for LEED certification points.

PET is a thermoplastic by nature and hence can be processed repeatedly. The plastic is REACHcompliant, ROHS compliant, recyclable, and contains no CFCs, fibers, heavy metals, carcinogens and mutagens.

PET is an excellent insulation material and offers good protection against moisture and condensation. It does not rot or mold. This patented foam is strong yet lightweight, non-reactive, economical, and shatterproof.