Low rider front loader

The LoRider is lower and lighter than standard front-end loaders.

DOWNERS GROVE, Illinois – Refuse truck body manufacturer Heil has launched the Half/Pack LowRider Front Loader.

The LowRider front loader is a next-generation design suited for commercial and residential applications. The LowRider is based on a lower-profile DuraPack body that shaves weight and height when compared to a standard FEL.

The LowRider is also smoother to operate, faster on route and can be equipped with next-generation Heil options for safety and productivity, as well as reduce total cost of collection.

The LowRider’s overall height is 12 inches lower than a standard front loader and weighs 4,150 pounds less than standard Heil Half/Pack front loaders, which correlates into superior payloads and higher productivity than ASL’s or FEL’s that would be limited by height obstructions.

In addition, when operating as a Residential Front Loader, especially when equipped with the Curotto-Can, operators improve their safety with eyes-forward route collection and can stop contamination and lost carts at the source due to the lower load height of the can. The cart dump height is about four feet lower with the Curotto-Can than with most ASL’s, so overhead obstructions are dramatically reduced.

Specifically, the LowRider design:

  • Can handle all ANSI-compliant dumpsters
  • Can be more reliable with fewer proximity switches, mac valves, air lines or mechanically cushioned cylinders
  • Has a 23 percent faster dump cycle with Odyssey hydraulic controls/Lightning Cylinders, and
  • Can be configurable with optional Heil Autonomous Lift Option (HALO) joystick for commercial applications.


Eric Evans, vice-president, mobile product management explained the idea for the LowRider came from customers who were comfortable with front loaders in their fleet but needed a more flexible solution to address overhead height challenges for both commercial and residential routes.

“With HALO, Heil addressed another key ask from our customers and designed something that helps newer drivers become productive sooner. The HALO option allows operators new to commercial front loaders to complete a full container dump cycle with the press of one button,” said Evans.

“This isn’t AutoDump at all. HALO allows the operator to select the size of the ANSI container, then merely press and hold the button on the joystick. HALO self-levels the container during the dump sequence and delivers the container back to its starting position, removing the risk of cab or windshield damage.”

The LowRider comes standard with Odyssey hydraulic controls and is available in 20, 23, and 28-yard body sizes. In addition, the LowRider can be configured for HALO, the Curotto-Can, CNrG alternative fuel tailgate and 3rd Eye camera/digital system options.