Container data through any software

Compology’s container data is now platform agnostic.

Compology, the camera-based dumpster monitoring provider, can now directly integrate its container data directly into any waste ERP, accounting or dispatch software through their newly developed Compology API.

“While our software is highly intuitive and presents dumpster data in a way that makes it highly actionable, we realize that some customers have already built processes around their proprietary or other third-party software,” said Ben Chehebar, chief product officer at the company.

“We want to accommodate all of our clients and future customers who find value in our complete dumpster data offering. That’s why we’ve expanded our product line to offer software integration capability through our API, making our data available outside of the Compology app for the first time”

Compology built the integration capability in order to provide customers the benefits of increasing productivity without complication, controlling overhead costs and giving full access to data for easier customization.

Integration helps save time and resources by consolidating necessary information all into one place, making sure operations are running as efficiently as possible. With processes already in place, integration helps limit the extent to which those operations need to be modified and reduces the likelihood for a new hire or extensive training for new software expertise.

Access to the API also gives users direct access to raw data. Access to this information allows for customized reports and data-driven analysis. Additionally, access to raw data makes it easier to share custom datasets cross-functionally or with external stakeholders.

Compology is already working with clients such as Next Day Dumpster, RecyclSmart and Waste Management and integrated with software like AMCS ScrapRunner, CRO and SAP.