Heavy capacity truck weighing

Fairbanks Scales will be showing its new heavy capacity scale at Waste Expo.

Kansas City, MO – Fairbanks Scales Inc. will be showing its Heavy Capacity Lift Deck Truck Scale, a brand new scale for transfer station scales, at Waste Expo 2019, May 7-9 2019. The display will include a large-scale model of the brand new lift-deck truck scale for waste operations equipped with Intalogix lightning/power surge protection system.

The company says the new easy-to-clean solution is for shallow pit scale replacement or new transfer station scale construction projects. The scale’s decks can be quickly and easily lifted and removed with lightweight equipment to hose out debris or dirt that accumulates, keeping your scale running smooth and accurate even in the harshest environments.

The scale is equipped with proprietary Intalogix lightning protection system. Designed and developed exclusively by Fairbanks, this state-of-the-art technology has a true digital signal which protects the scale from any harmful surges or electrical spikes.

Also on display will be the FB6015 instrument, which includes functionality for transfer station operations. The rugged and durable 1605RF Remove Display, which is a critical component to the transfer station operation to maximize the loading of each transfer truck, will also be featured.