Tomra opens flake testing center in Italy

On September 22, 2021, Tomra Recycling officially opened its new flake sorting Test Center, where the company will develop new flake sorting applications for polyolefins (PO) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

“We have observed an increasing demand for flake sorting tests and a strong market push for high-quality recycled plastics,” Fabrizio Radice, VP and head of global sales and marketing, told guests.

“This requires the purest material fractions across all plastics applications, and the respective technologies and solutions need to be identified, developed, and optimized. This will happen in our new facility, while closely collaborating with our customers and partners.”

Assessing customer samples

Customers from around the world can now ship their plastic flakes to Parma, where the company will test them on its machines. Based on the test results, Tomra will recommend the most suitable machine, process and sensor configuration for the customer’s defined sorting requirements and goals. Customers are provided with an entire business case tailored to their needs before making an investment.

Alberto Piovesan, segment manager plastics EMEA & Americas, presented Tomra’s flake sorting strategy and position in the plastics segment. The company aims to accelerate and shape the development of the sector.

“Within only 1.5 years, we established a place where new ideas and innovations are born to best respond to current market trends. More importantly, we are working on solutions that are indispensable for any sorting and recycling plant targeting to successfully upgrade plastics,” Piovesan said.

Piovesan said current market trends have resulted in high demand for recycled polyolefins, but recycling rates are still low. Since the company sees increasing potential in polyolefin recycling, it will further devote its attention and expertise to innovate PO-applications. Currently, Tomra offers two flake sorting units.