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Cannavore finds U.S. distributor

VANCOUVER and THE COLONY, TX – Micron Waste Technologies Inc. has partnered with Quest Resource Management Group LLC, a fully owned subsidiary of Quest Resource Holding Corporation, a provider of environmental reuse, recycling, and disposal services, to market and distribute Micron’s Cannavore cannabis waste processing systems in the United States.

“Quest operates in all 50 states and provides custom, innovative waste management solutions to a wide range of industries,” said Micron president Alfred Wong.

“With its strong market positioning, Quest will help accelerate the entry of Micron’s leading cannabis waste management technology into the U.S. and capitalize on the expanding American cannabis cultivation market.”

“Quest strives to provide our customers with the most effective waste minimization solutions,” said Ray Hatch, Quest’s CEO.

“We are pleased to offer U.S. cannabis growers a solution that not only safely treats cannabis waste on-site, but also removes the contaminants and active pharmaceutical compounds from the effluent water.  In addition, growers seeking to minimize their operations’ water footprint will be able to recycle and reclaim the purified water for their operations.”

The U.S. cannabis industry is rapidly growing, with retail sales projected to reach an estimated US$5.1$6.1 billion dollars in 2018. By 2020, overall retail sales are projected to reach between $11.9 and $17.1 billion dollars, with $47 billion in sales projected within a decade. The Micron-Quest partnership offers cannabis growers a regulatory-compliant, environmentally-sound alternative to process the production by-product – thousands of tons of pharmaceutical-laden cannabis waste.

The Micron Cannavore was designed to meet the specifications of Aurora Cannabis Inc., per a collaboration announced in December 2017, for a clean technology solution to process organic waste generated from the growth and cultivation of cannabis, while mitigating concerns about the potential environmental impact.

Micron’s Cannavore Digester and Organic Waste Digester units has been awarded an Industrial Design Certificate of Registration from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), with patent pending in the United States.

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