Regina gets federal funding for landfill gas project

REGINA – The City of Regina is receiving almost $1.3 million in funding to help expand its landfill-gas-collection system.

The system collects methane emitted by the landfill, reducing air pollution by preventing this potent greenhouse gas from being released into the atmosphere. The project will expand the landfill-gas-collection system at Regina’s landfill, with up to 30 new gas wells and associated infrastructure. It will also increase the collection and combustion of methane gas, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30 percent, and reduce odours.

The funding comes from the federal Low Carbon Economy Fund.

“The Landfill Gas to Energy Project has been an unqualified success for the City of Regina, significantly reducing the methane gases produced by the landfill by 30 percent while also providing a financial benefit to our residents,” said Michael Fougere, mayor of Regina.

“This project has been a major advancement in protecting our environment, and we will continue to make a greener future for the next generation through this expansion.”

According to Clean Energy Canada, the energy-efficiency measures in Canada’s climate plan will help improve Canada’s economy and environment between now and 2030 by creating 118,000 new jobs, boosting our GDP by $356 billion, and saving Canadian households an average of $114 a year. Every $1 spent on energy efficiency generates approximately $7 of GDP.