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Three companies win plastics innovation funding

VANCOUVER – Three Canadian small- and medium-sized businesses will receive $1 million each to develop prototypes of their new technologies designed to address plastic waste from food packaging and construction.

The three winners of the Plastics Innovation Challenges sponsored by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) are Axipolymer Inc., based in Montreal, which will create a recyclable multi-layer film that can be used for food packaging; GreenMantra Technologies from Brantford, Ontario, which will transform polystyrene insulation waste into new insulation; and, MgO Systems from Calgary, which will use PVC waste from construction to produce new insulating materials.

The federal government also unviled six new Plastics Challenges and three Clean Technology Challenges, through the Innovative Solutions Canada program.

These nine new Challenges call on Canadian innovators to develop solutions to:

  • Find sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging,
  • Reduce plastic waste from textiles,
  • Divert end-of-life vehicles’ plastic from landfills,
  • Reduce e-waste,
  • Seek solutions for air purification,
  • Monitor microplastics in marine environments,
  • Recycling plastic into ceiling tiles,
  • Develop waste conversion techniques,
  • Develop energy producing window coverings.

The Challenges will be led by Environment and Climate Change Canada, the National Research Council of Canada, Shared Services Canada, and Global Affairs Canada.

Innovative Solutions Canada has launched 14 plastics challenges to date, committing nearly $19M to support Canadian innovators and small and medium businesses.

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