Hamilton mall gets food waste sorting

Cadillac Fairview (CF) launched a low-waste sorting station at its Lime Ridge mall in Hamilton, Ontario.

The sorting station is constructed from 50% recycled materials, including 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastics. Customers who have finished their meals can bring a tray to the sorting station where trained staff will properly separate materials, diverting food waste from landfills.

The sorting Station is AODA compliant, with a section of the counter lowered for ease of to wheelchairs.

“At CF Lime Ridge, we are committed to responsibility, and are passionate about reducing our environmental footprint,” said Andy Traynor, general manager, CF Lime Ridge.

“By investing in this type of technology, we are empowering guests to help reduce one of the most challenging waste streams – food waste –  and make a positive impact for future generations. We are excited to be the first Ontario-based CF shopping centre to offer this game-changing recycling service.”

CF is collaborating with Gorrie/Unwasted to develop the new design materials for the Lime Ridge station.

“As an established community hub, we’re thrilled CF Lime Ridge is engaging in a forward-thinking recycling initiative that actively educates patrons and inspires action that supports the New Plastics Economy,” said Ashley Gorrie, CEO, Gorrie.

“The new CF Lime Ridge sorting station is a great example of how we can creatively draw single use plastic away from landfills and oceans and bring them into the manufacturing space to create bold, functionally designed products.”

Waste diversion

In 2012, CF began exploring ways to manage food waste generated at its high-volume food courts and shopping centres in British Columbia. In 2014, CF introduced its sorting stations and a food digester at CF Richmond Centre and in 2015, piloted a food waste management system at CF Pacific Centre, powered by aerobic on-site food waste composting technology forming CF’s integrated diversion and recovery model.

Earlier this year, the company’s integrated diversion and recovery program was recognized with the 2021 RCBC Environmental Award for Innovation, presented by the Recycling Council of British Columbia. This system has since been introduced at six of CF’s retail and office properties in Western Canada. CF diverted over 45,000 tonnes of waste from landfills between 2019 and 2020.

CF Lime Ridge is the first Ontario property to implement this type of technology, with eight more Ontario properties planned over the next few years. The installation is a response to combating waste ahead of the Ontario organics landfill bans 2022-2023 and Canada Zero Plastic Waste ban in 2030.