TerraCycle joins Open Farm for dog food bag recycling

Open Farm
Open Farm

More than 95 per cent of dog food bags end up landfilled, but a new partnership is looking to ease the long-suffering environmental conscience of man’s best friend.

The prolific recyclers at TerraCycle have joined forces with Canadian pet food company Open Farm to offer a free, innovative recycling program for post-use plastic dog food bags, which more often than not have no foothold in the recycling market.

Once customers have collected at least two pounds’ worth of empty Open Farm bags, they can download and print a free shipping label from the TerraCycle website and call UPS for complimentary next-day pickup. The package is then sent to a warehouse in Toronto, where it’s weighed, sorted and eventually recycled into products ranging from plastic lumber to park benches or food and water bowls.

“At the same time, a donation will be made to the sender’s charity of choice for each and every bag that’s diverted from landfill through this program,” TerraCycle says in a statement.

Interested participants can join the Open Farm Brigade online by clicking here.

Please click here for a map and list of locations selling Open Farm pet food.