New waste bin

Equilibri-Vie inc. has released a new public waste bin – the EcoloTOP. The bin is built with two compartments, allowing for two-way waste collection (trash/recyclables or compostables). It is five to 25 times less expensive than traditional waste bins with two compartments and is compatible for use with various types and sizes of plastic bags. The EcoloTOP is designed for efficient stacking and minimal packaging, resulting in lower transportation costs and optimized storage.

Bagster sweepstakes

This summer, thousands of home improvement projects were taken on with the help of Waste Management’s Bagster Dumpster in a Bag. In celebration, Waste Management launched The Bagster Summer Home Improvement Project as an online promotion at Visitors to the site were able to connect with other do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts to share their project ideas and tips throughout the summer.

Promotional support included an online sweepstakes featuring a $10,000 Grand Prize towards the home improvement project of the winner’s choice. The Bagster bag is quickly becoming a popular choice for summer home improvement project waste removal because it is a cost-effective, on-demand solution for both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors. Whether one is taking on a major home cleanup or redoing their bathroom this summer, the Bagster bag can take on the waste. The Bagster bag is a highly durable woven bag that can hold up to 3,300 pounds or up to three cubic yards of debris, including full sheets of drywall, doors and even a bathtub. Users can purchase a bag and use it for as long as they need. When the project is complete or the bag is full, customers can schedule collection, and a local Waste Management team will collect the bag from the curb within three business days. The Bagster bag sells for $29.95 at home improvement and hardware stores, as well as When it’s full, customers can schedule a collection online or through Waste Management at 1-877-789-2247. Collection costs just $79 to $159, depending on the area – 50 to 70 per cent less than a dumpster rental.

New organic waste processor

The new Eco-Safe Digester from Marathon Equipment Company is an innovative breakthrough in confronting the growing problem of organic waste processing and disposal. The Eco-Safe Digester uses a highly-refined formula of microorganisms to break down organic waste into a liquid that can be safely flushed down the drain, enabling the effluent to return to the ecosystem as water. Within 24 hours, the digester can safely and quickly decompose virtually all organic food waste, including (but not limited to) meat, poultry, fish, grains, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

According to Geoff Apthorp, vice president of engineering and business development at Environmental Solutions Group, of which Marathon is a part, “The Eco-Safe Digester is an ideal solution for high-volume food waste generators, like supermarkets, hospitals, schools, prisons, restaurants, and hotels.

Biomass shredders

The West Salem Machinery (WSM) Biomass Super ShreddersTM combine the efficiency of a high-speed mill with the durability of a heavy-duty grinder. Available with rotor widths from 60 to 88 inches (1524 mm x 2235 mm), these machines deliver higher tip speed for smaller, consistent fibre sizing, increased screen area for more thru-put, and flexible/interchangeable tooling.

The largest shredder – the massive Model 4888S – features a 48-inch diameter by 88 inch (1219 mm x 2235 mm) long rotor, and operates with 400-800 hp to convert high volumes of pre-processed biomass materials. The Super Shredders has superior production rates of up to 100 tph, eliminating the need for multiple machines; they include AR interior wear liners, modular sizing screens, dual pivoting hydraulic housing, and reversible/replaceable hammer tips for reduced maintenance and operating costs.

Deca-bromine-free reusable plastic pallets

ORBIS Corporation, a manufacturer of sustainable reusable packaging and an expert in supply chain optimization, recently announced that it has received approval from Factory Mutual Insurance (FM) for a new fire-retardant material, free of deca-bromine, for use in its family of FM-approved, fire retardant pallets.

Effective immediately, all ORBIS FM-approved pallets can be manufactured in this new additive, making ORBIS one of the leading manufacturers in the reusable packaging industry using this innovative material. While deca-bromine has commonly been used in household items requiring flame retardancy, including plastic housings for television sets, insulation for wiring, furniture and fabrics, it has, as a chemical additive, come under scrutiny recently. Several U.S. states have ordered a phase-out ban on the material, to be completed no later than 2013.

Effective immediately, ORBIS Corporation will manufacture more than 20 pallets with the new FM-approved deca-bromine free additive. Included among those 20 pallets are the popular RackoCell, Stack’R and Structo-Cell offerings.





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