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Councillor Gord Landon, head of the Waste Management Task Force for York Region, Ontario, has proposed a wet-dry system to deal with the region’s garbage. Export is still being considered for residue, including the proposed Adam’s Mine site near Kirkland Lake. Landon estimates tip fees will triple to $75 per tonne by the end of 1999. The region is attracted to the high capture rates and quality of materials from such systems compared to the popular Blue Box program.

The Town of Bracebridge has decided to put a stop to its four-stream composting pilot program. According to district politicians, the key difficulty is the $300,000 cost for specialized carts (or $1.1-million over 20 years for 3,600 households). The town currently pays $457,000 per year for garbage collection, which includes bi-weekly garbage and recycling/compost collection in the urban area. Weekly garbage pick-up during warm weather has been reintroduced.

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