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"It all started with a $300 power bill," says Jami Manastyrski, founder of Check-It Monitoring Solutions Inc. "I knew that something had to be done, but I didn't have any tools to help me understand the problem." Thus was born the monitoring...

“It all started with a $300 power bill,” says Jami Manastyrski, founder of Check-It Monitoring Solutions Inc. “I knew that something had to be done, but I didn’t have any tools to help me understand the problem.” Thus was born the monitoring system that reports to the property owner exactly what circuit in the building is consuming what amount of energy. But the owner doesn’t have to be at the building to see that energy profile, since the monitoring results are displayed on the web. The system runs seamlessly on any browser and on any operating system. Customers access their energy information from any computer through the Internet without having to download software. Plus, any new software upgrades to the service are automatic and made available next time a customer logs in.

Customer James Kron finds the web service of great benefit. “Until I discovered Check-It, I kept a dedicated laptop computer running 24 hours a day to record the data from the energy monitors,” Kron says. “Check-It now does all of the things that the dedicated computer did without the unnecessary associated electricity demand and administrative headaches. I can now view my energy data from anywhere I can connect to the Internet.”

Historical analysis can show the owner progress being made over time as well as seasonal peaks and valleys. The energy information provides a benchmark for properties to easily identify areas of wasteful usage, then boost efficiency and conserve power. Major lifestyle changes can be avoided via the implementation of automation systems to schedule and remotely control lights, electrical devices and thermostats as well as monitor motion and door sensors. Check-It will send notifications by text or email when energy reaches a pre-defined budget or threshold and when an automated device changes its status. This detailed information leads, as in Manastyrski’s case, to direct reduction in energy consumption and lower power bills. Customers can now manage their energy before they get their monthly bill.

Treat Hull from Ontario uses the Check-It solution and says, “Our ground source heat had some kind of problem this winter and the compressor switched off like it was supposed to, leaving the house heating with the built-in emergency heater. Normally we would have only discovered the problem when we got the hydro bill a month later, but with the Check-It service, we identified the issue the next day, saving hundreds of dollars.”

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