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Odour Management Conference and Technology Showcase, Toronto 2015

Ontario Science Center
770 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C 1T3

The Largest International Odour Conference in North America

We are delighted to invite you to the first international Odour Management Conference and Technology Showcase (OMCTS) 2015, being held in Toronto, Canada.  The conference will have 20 presentations on various topics from professionals of different disciplines, and will include 4 lectures from keynote speakers.  The showcase will have various industries exhibiting their products and services related to environmental odour assessment, monitoring, regulation,  mitigation, and abatement.  This event will provide you with an excellent opportunity to network and learn about all topics related to the Odour Industry and to discuss with industry leaders on how to meet today’s odour issue challenges.

Industries of Interest:

Wastewater Treatment, Waste Management, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Food Processing , Agriculture, Abattoirs /Rendering Plants, Pulp and Paper, Composting, Landfill Sites, General Manufacturing

 Conference Topics:

A broad range of topics from different experts in different industries including: Odour Assessment, Odour Complaint Management, Odour Dispersion Modelling, Odour Regulation and Legislation, Odour Remediation and Abatement

 The OMCTS will Feature:

250 attendees, 20 presentations, 20 tradeshow booths, 4 keynote lectures

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