Tomra installs 100th multi-feed recycling machine

Just 18 months after introducing its R1 solution, Tomra has installed 100 of the units. The R1 is a “multi-feed” machine that lets recyclers dump over 100 empty beverage containers in one go.

The milestone 100th installation of the TOMRA R1 multi-feed reverse vending machine, at Coop Obs Amanda in Haugesund, Norway. 

The 100th R1 installation is at supermarket Coop Obs Amanda in Haugesund, on the west coast of Norway. A further 20 R1 reverse vending machines have already ordered around the world.

Consumer research has found nearly half of all recyclers select the store where they recycle based on the quality of the recycling experience on offer, and volumes of redeemed bottles and cans at Tomra R1 locations have risen as much as 403% in one store.

Coop Obs Amanda will be hoping to replicate these results, along with the up to 272% increase in the number of consumer recycling sessions other stores have experienced.

Coop Obs Amanda store manager, Harald Fosen, explained, “We’re excited to offer our customers such a clean and convenient recycling experience. If it puts us on the map as the place to come for container returns in the region, that’s a big plus.”

128 million containers

So far over 128 million containers have been returned to Tomra R1s, from 1.5 million recycling sessions, with an average of 83 containers returned per session. Visits to R1 locations have even caught the imaginations of social media users, with many documenting their experiences online, with one recent TikTok video amassing 616,000 views and a video posted to Reddit reaching three million views.

“We have been so excited to see this kind of reaction to the R1. We knew that recyclers would find the multi-feed solution extremely convenient, but the extent to which recyclers and even stores are having fun with it is something special,” said Jonas Døvik, Product Manager for Tomra R1.

Tomra’s roll-out of the R1 has so far included Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Finland, as well as redemption centers in the United States. The R1 will roll out to more regions in the future, with Denmark set to be the next country to launch.

As well as its large capacity and rapid mode of operation, Tomra R1 provides a mess-free recycling experience as there is no need to handle each bottle. These features make recycling more convenient and attractive for shoppers, better enabling empty drink containers to remain in a clean, closed loop so they can be turned into new bottles and cans again and again.