Stewardship Ontario responds to O-I Canada

Damien Bassett, CEO of Stewardship Ontario, has written a letter to Ontario mayors, members of council and municipal clerks rebutting a letter from Daniel K. Steen of Owens Illinois (OI) Canada dated January 31, 2006. Mr. Bassett’s letter is accompanied by supporting documents that defend Ontario’s blue box system for collecting glass.

In his initial letter, Daniel Steen, VP of Government Affairs for OI Canada, addressed the Stewardship Ontario Blue Box [Steward] Funding Review Committee, and the letter was distributed through the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s (AMO) to its member municipalities.

In his response, Mr. Bassett says he is writing “to advise municipalities that several points made in the letter are not accurate and do not represent the current situation regarding glass recycling in the province.”

Stewardship Ontario attached a document entitled “Key Facts on Glass Recycling in Ontario” highlighting the current state and future developments in glass recycling in the province. It also attached a copy of a letter from Unical, a glass recycling company in Quebec.

Mr. Bassett writes:

“Through the Municipal-Industry Programs Committee (MIPC), the Efficiency and Effectiveness (E&E) Fund and the Glass Market Development Fund, Stewardship Ontario has been working with municipalities steadily over the past three years to improve what is already a highly effective recycling system. The Glass Market Development Fund was created through contributions from companies that use glass packaging in the Ontario marketplace, particularly the LCBO.

“We look forward to continuing this productive partnership and welcome dialogue between industry and municipalities on recycling matters.”

Mr. Bassett’s letter, the “Key Facts on Glass Recycling in Ontario” document, the Unical letter and the O-I Canada letter are all available as downloadable pdf files on this website. Look under “Posted Documents” February/March at the left side of the home page.

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