Greentec lands iPad recycling contract

Air Canada is recycling 500 used iPads with Cambridge, Ontario-based Greentec.

Flight crew iPads are regularly updated and refreshed to keep up with technological requirements for flights.

Greentec, which has NAID AAA Certification for security, was able to provide data security and environmentally compliant services at scale. It ensured that recyclable materials were extracted as well as destroying any sensitive data.

“In working with Air Canada, Greentec supported one of the largest airlines in the world to securely dispose of essential data and maintain pilot data security,” said Tony Perrotta, Greentec’s CEO and president.

“Our goal is to assist all organizations in secure data destruction, as well as effectively reduce their electronic waste and contribute to the development of new devices with recycled parts. Together, we can all help advance the circular economy.” 

Along with the metals used to construct each iPad, each rechargeable iPad contains lithium-ion batteries. Greentec’s Responsible Recycling (R2) Certification ensured all materials were extracted from each iPad, to be disposed of properly or recycled to be used in the construction of new devices. 

“iPads contain hazardous, lithium-ion batteries, as well as precious metals, glass and plastics. Completely breaking down these devices allows us to recover the materials that would have otherwise gone to the landfill and use them in the production of new devices,” Perotta said.

“Through this process, our environment and all of society benefits.”  

Greentec is a certified electronics recycling company that securely destroys data, refurbishes, and recycles electronic devices. Beginning operations in 1995, the company now employs over 80 team members and uses proprietary technology to recover e-waste.

As IT asset disposition (ITAD) experts, Greentec recovers obsolete or unwanted IT equipment in a safe and responsible way.