Robotic decontamination comes to Quebec

SOREL, QC – GSR Construction Decontamination is the first company to bring robotic decontamination technology to Quebec.

With the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment, the Brokk robot and the BCP 250 Planner, GSR will be able to level internal partitions and even ceilings at contaminated sites without having to demolish everything, opening new, more environmentally friendly and less costly avenues.

Thanks to this innovative technology, the process is standardized and faster all while significantly reducing the volume of waste.

GSR Construction Decontamination is a family business headed by Angélique Salvas, founder and project management specialist and Martin Robichaud, partner and decontamination specialist.

GSR assists institutional, commercial, industrial and general contractors in their construction and decontamination projects. Their services, offered throughout Quebec, are adapted to clients with decontamination problems (asbestos, mould, lead) or who need a hand with demolition.

“The field of decontamination is an environment where things evolve ever slowly. As decontamination experts, it was important for us to invest in innovative solutions that open new perspectives in line with today’s concerns and offer tailor-made solutions, superior service and greater safety,” says Angélique.

“This revolutionizes our approach, which previously relied on manual labour by employees and is now standardized,” adds Martin.