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Montreal startup invents sustainable running shoe

The Way Sustainable Runner is available in white or black and is fully recyclable.

MONTREAL – Each year, more than 300 million shoes end up in landfills (as reported by the U.S. Department of the Interior).

Way Running has introduced a sustainable experience in running with The Sustainable Runner.

”We wanted the Way Sustainable Runner to be a sustainable product from start to finish throughout the shoe’s lifecycle”, says company co-founder Mathieu Desjardins.

”It begins with the use of natural and recyclable materials – no paint, no gimmicks, nothing unnecessary – and it ends with our commitment to recycle and reuse all components once the shoe is worn out”.

Users simply return the shoes in the same box they came in. Way Running will recycle materials that can be recycled, and give users a rebate on their next pair.

Designed for comfort, durability and performance, this shoe will provide the everyday runner with a versatile, simple product – without any of the purely decorative features that make most running shoes replete with synthetic, toxic materials that cannot be recycled.

The Sustainable Runner can be purchased online through a Kickstarter contribution, and early users will be able to comment on comfort and performance so future iterations of the product are even better.

The shoe comes in black, white, or black and white. There are no frills, no logos or unnecessary decorations.

The upper is made with a mixture of merino wool and Tencel, so it breathes well, dries faster and regulates temperature.

The Midsole is designed for a neutral running stride and provides enough rebound to improve running performance. The foam is recyclable.

The laces are made from recycled nylon.

Way Running is a Montreal startup founded by three runners with decades of experience in the sporting goods industry. It is committed to design products with a minimal environmental footprint.

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