Canada to host Circular Economy Forum in 2020

OTTAWACanada will host the 2020 World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF2020), in partnership with Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra.

Created in 2017, the World Circular Economy Forum is the global initiative of Finland and the Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra. The WCEF2020 will be the first large-scale international event to bring circular economy leaders to North America. It will bring together over a thousand business leaders, policymakers, and experts from around the world to present the best circular economy solutions, giving Canada an opportunity to showcase its talent on the world stage.

Canadian innovators will work with international counterparts to find new opportunities and groundbreaking solutions that can transform would-be landfill into new products and new business opportunities.

“Canadians know we have too much waste—it’s piling up in landfills, and ending up in our environment,” said Catherine McKenna, minister of environment and climate change. “By working together, we can find ways to recycle and reuse our resources. Canada is looking forward to welcoming WCEF2020 delegates to North America, to expand circular economy networks, partnerships and opportunities.”

A circular economy moves away from a “take, make and dispose” way of doing business to one where goods are produced, distributed, and consumed in a way that retains the value of products and resources for as long as possible. The transition to a circular economy has the potential to generate $4.5 trillion in global benefits.

At WCEF2020, Canada will bring together business and thought leaders from around the world, sharing ideas about how, together, innovative product design and business models will help us reuse and remanufacture materials, and create new economic opportunities, creating the clean jobs of the future.

Global material resource demand is projected to double by 2060, resulting in increased environmental impacts, including rising greenhouse gas emissions and increased waste generation.

More information on conference details will be available in the coming months. Click here for information about World Circular Economy Forum 2019.