Plastics recycler expands to Ontario

VAUGHAN, Ontario – FedDev Ontario is contributing up to $3 million to Enviroplast Inc., a manufacturer that specializes in recycling plastic. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, the company is expanding its operations to Ontario by establishing a recycling facility using first-in-Canada technology in Vaughan.

The new Vaughan facility is expected to be operational by the spring of 2020, with new recycling lines capable of handling 11,000 metric tons of plastic annually.

FedDev Ontario is providing a repayable contribution of $3 million towards Enviroplast Inc.’s total project cost of $10 million. This project will leverage up to $7 million in other private investment.

FedDev Ontario’s contribution will enable the company to adopt an environmentally friendly recycling technology that produces no waste or gas emission, and minimizes water usage in production. As a result, the company will expand and broaden its capacity to recycle different types of plastics for sale in North American and international markets.

“Plastics are one of our society’s biggest waste problems,” said Mathieu Séguin, CEO of Enviroplast Inc. “With FedDev Ontario support, Enviroplast Inc. is able to bring its new innovative recycling technology to Vaughan, providing Ontario communities with a long-term solution to post-consumer plastic film that will help to reduce raw material consumption and waste generation.”

The project will also create 30 new jobs in Vaughan.

The company’s new facility in Vaughan represents the advancement of sustainable technology that will benefit the environment and the regional economy.

Established in 1991, Enviroplast Inc. is a sustainable plastics recycler that collects, processes and transforms post-industrial plastics into high-quality, food grade resin that is reused in new products. Each month, the company processes and transforms over 2,000 tonnes of recyclable materials, which significantly reduces plastic waste in landfills.