SWANA renews Re-TRAC as affinity provider

Silver Spring, Maryland – The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has renewed its agreement with Re-TRAC Connect as a participant in SWANA’s Affinity Program.

With the renewal, more services – such as the Municipal Measurement Program – are also being made available to SWANA Members.

“SWANA is pleased to renew and expand its relationship with Re-TRAC Connect,” said David Biderman, SWANA’s executive director and CEO.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of recyclables as feedstock for a variety of products, and Re-TRAC Connect’s programs offer terrific ways for local governments in the United States and Canada to measure and improve their local recycling programs.”

Re-TRAC Connect is configurable web-based software that uses intelligent online forms to streamline and standardize data collection, instead of using traditional spreadsheets, email, and paper forms that many local governments still rely on to manage and measure their waste and recycling programs.

“While many SWANA members are already using the data management and reporting services we offer through our Re-TRAC Connect platform, this expanded relationship will help ensure everyone is aware of the ways our solutions can save agencies time and money,” said Rick Penner, president of Emerge Knowledge Design Inc., makers of Re-TRAC Connect.

An important component of the expanded relationship is the Municipal Measurement Program (MMP). The MMP is a free tool designed and delivered by Re-TRAC Connect and The Recycling Partnership, that enables municipalities to track tonnage data, generation and diversion rates, broader economic benefits and other metrics, and helps these programs identify opportunities to improve.

The MMP also functions as a standardized reporting program that makes it possible for county and regional districts to easily access standardized municipal program information and benchmark data between jurisdictions, a first for the industry.

Counties and districts can purchase access to data collected in the MMP from municipalities in their jurisdiction through the Government Data Management Plan (GDMP). The GDMP is the most efficient way for counties and districts to measure municipal program performance and offers a robust suite of reports that transform municipal program data into valuable insights. It also requires a smaller budget than designing a reporting program from scratch and takes less time to manage, thanks to Re-TRAC Connect’s task automation and analytical reports.