RPRA publishes blue box registry fees

The Ontario Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) has posted the final 2021 Registry fees for Blue Box materials and Hazardous and Special Products (HSP).

These are fees that producers obligated under the Blue Box Regulation and HSP Regulation under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 (RRCEA) are required to pay to the Authority in 2021 to recover its operational costs, including costs related to building and operating the Registry, and compliance and enforcement activities. This is the first year that Blue Box and HSP producers are required to pay Registry fees to the Authority.

There are no fees for service providers or producer responsibility organizations (PROs) in 2021. 

Download the 2021 Registry Fee Schedule for Blue Box and HSP.

The Authority consulted on its proposed fees from June 18 to August 3, 2021, and all feedback received during the consultation was considered as the fees were finalized. Stakeholder feedback has been summarized in a consultation report, which you can find on the RPRA website , as well as more information on the consultation process. 

The RPRA says intends to communicate directly with potential Blue Box and HSP producers (current Blue Box and MHSW Program stewards) on how and when they can complete their registration and reporting requirements and pay their Registry fee.