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Welcome to our new website design!

Readers will notice that our website www.solidwastemag.com has the same URL but a brand new look.

We think you’ll appreciate the clean design and extra uncluttered “white space.”

The same key elements are there as in the past, but are easier to navigate. We’d decided our last design was too busy, too cluttered.

A green navigation bar across the top allows site visitors to easily access all our main content.

Scroll down the page and news, feature stories, and online columns are easy to find and click on. Note that the feature stories “scroll” sideways across the page, showcasing the latest highlight stories one at a time. Be sure to explore by clicking the arrows for additional stories.

Events are a popular feature and can be accessed via the navigation bar.

There’s some info down at the bottom, including links to advertising, subscriptions, how to contact us, and what stories are trending. You can also access the digital archives of the print publication.

We hope you enjoy the new website design and look forward to reading your comments on our news stories, features and columns! And we’ll continue sending you the weekly eNewsletter as in the past. The stories usually appear on the website first, so be sure to check there from time to time.

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